a designer toy inspired by Colin Kaepernick’s protest

As a Niners fan, it was inspiring to see Kaepernick take Muhammad Ali's journey from athlete to activist. Being Asian American, I have a certain amount of privilege when it comes to the police. But my wife is African American and we have 2 kids, so his message is personal.

And it became more so in February of 2017, when my nephew ended up like other Black men after a traffic stop by police...unjustifiably dead. And like them, he was branded a thug in police reports and the media, not the loving father, brother, and son that we so miss.

So I reached out to our longtime friend and artist, kaNO, to help design a figure around the now iconic image of Kap taking a knee. A reminder of his historic protest against police brutality.

No matter your feelings about Kaepernick, we cannot ignore the message behind his protest...Black Lives Matter. 

- Patrick Lam
President of MunkyKing